Do you know Turkish Manti? Have you ever eaten manti?

Manti, which is known by many names (Mentu, Dumpling, Menti, etc.) around the world, has a very old history, but its first historical record dates back to the 13th century. Manti is a combination of seasoned minced meat and onion, which is placed inside the dough and prepared by cooking in boiling water in a short period of time. Manti is served with a special sauce that usually has the taste of garlic and pepper and yogurt. In Turkey, manti has a long history and homemade manti has a special place in the food basket of Turkish households.

With more than 25 years of history, Mantici Baba is the largest home-style manti manufacturer in Turkey with more than 2,500 sales representatives in Turkey. Currently Mantiji Baba is supplying a large part of the Turkish manti market in a space of more than 8500 square meters in two shifts. Mantiji Baba has reserved the first rank of manti producer in Turkey for the company.

Currently, the company is launching its products in the market with a variety of more than 20 types of manti with different quality and shapes in line with the world standards in management and quality. Regular quality control and cooperation with public and private laboratories and laboratories has led to excessive sensitivity in the process of producing high-quality products, and the special formulation of Manteji Baba products, which is the result of years of experience and the use of the expertise of food science graduates, has satisfied sales and consumer representatives.

The secret of our success is the use of quality food in our supply chain. After that, in the production process, under the management of food industry experts, the products are sent to the equipped cold storages to be frozen at a temperature of -40 degrees so that the quality and freshness are preserved as the first day.

Mantici Baba’s delivery chain, which includes 40 refrigerated vehicles, delivers products to sales representatives at a temperature of -18 degrees in a planned and regular manner and is kept in special refrigerators until it reaches consumers.

The packaging of Mantici Baba products is very wide and starts from 200 gram packages, which is equivalent to a single press, and can be offered up to 5 kg packages. Packages of 200 and 500 grams, 1, 2, 2.5 and 5 kilograms are sent to them according to the needs of the market and sales representatives. Also, Mantici Baba provides special refrigerators for the active sellers for bulk sales so that they can keep the product in them after leaving the packaging.

Currently, Mantici Baba, the largest manti producer in Turkey, has completed its sales chain in the Middle East in order to expand its activities internationally. If you want to cooperate and join Mantici Baba’s big family, please accompany us by completing the form below. It is obvious that we do our best to meet the needs of the representatives, including the regular delivery of products, the supply of necessary items to preserve and maintain healthy food in accordance with the necessary standards of your country, the provision of promotional items to introduce and familiarize consumers with Manti and continuous inspection and We use quality control. We also request you to write your other requests in the description section of the form below so that our experts can check and take the necessary measures in preparing and supplying them. Also, write us your strength in sales, as well as the benefits and added values of cooperation with your company. If you operate as a chain, the number of branches and areas you cover is important to us. Mantici Baba will create special conditions for its business partners who have higher power to expand their sales chain as much as possible.

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